If executed well, exhibiting at events is one of the most effective forms of marketing. However, they do require hard work, before, during and after the day itself.

Exhibiting at the Aviation Job Expo can secure a number of benefits, including visibility, credibility and attracting a myriad of qualified jobseekers to your business.

To help you make the most of the opportunity, and stand out for all the right reasons, here’s our 16 essential tips to successful exhibiting.

Set smart goals

Businesses will often struggle to measure a return on investment from an event, particularly if objectives haven’t been set beforehand. By setting smart goals prior to the event, you can effectively measure whether it was a success or not.

Brief your staff

Ensure that your exhibitors have the itinerary, and understand what the key objectives of the day are. Are you aiming to acquire 30 CVs from qualified pilots? Or are you trying to improve your brand image?

Whatever your focus may be, ensure that it is well communicated to everyone involved on your events team.

It’s also worth briefing exhibitors on potential questions they could be asked during the show, and equipping them with the best answers.


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Preparation is key for successful exhibiting. Create a checklist of everything you need to do before, during and after the show. Map out every eventuality that could happen, and solutions in case they arise.

For instance, will jobseekers try and give you a printed copy of their CV? We would advise that you don’t redirect candidates to your website to upload their CV – they could have stayed at home to do that.

Possible solutions could include accepting paper CVs at the event, or exploring possibilities whereby candidates can register with you on the day.


Shout about it

If you’re exhibiting at the Aviation Job Expo, shout about it! We have a marketing booster pack for exhibitors to enhance their presence at the show.

There are many channels which can be used to enhance your exposure – direct mail, email, newsletters, your website, social media, press releases, blogs, podcasts, etc…use everything at your disposal to maximise your reach before the big day.


Look the part

Your stand needs to be attractive, functional and effective. You’ll be in a room full of competitors, so think outside the box – what would make a jobseeker want to come to your stand?

Some exhibitors mistakenly over clutter their stand. Keep it looking tidy with minimal text and high impact graphics.


Staff your stand well

There will be approximately 1,500 visitors attending throughout the course of the day; the more exhibitors you have means more time spent talking with potential candidates.

We would recommend a minimum of two exhibitors, as your stand should ideally be manned at all times.


Arrive early

The Aviation Job Expo opens its doors to visitors from 10am, with exhibitors allowed entry from 8am. We would advise you arrive with plenty of time to set up. A stress free morning will leave you calm and energised for a busy day ahead. You’ll also have plenty of time to grab your morning coffee!  


Create the right impression

Make sure you choose the right people to represent your company. After all, this event might be the first impression a potential candidate has of your brand. The expo is a professional event and dressing smart is essential.

Behaviour is also important; we’d recommend no eating (and definitely no swearing) whilst stood on your stand.


Keep focus

Ensure that exhibitors remain focused on the job in hand. Talking with fellow colleagues or exhibitors may mean you miss potential candidates passing your stand.

Approaching a stand can be daunting for some people, and candidates may look for prompts from exhibitors to encourage them over.


Be enthusiastic

When stood at your stand, smile and be enthusiastic! If you’re not excited to work for your company, how can you expect other people to be?


Plan for the future

When designing your stand, consider future proofing it. In the current climate, sustainability during events is becoming more important.

By reusing items, you can also reduce costs and maximise your return on investment.

When creating your stand, place close attention to any content that could date your stand e.g. references to a period in time, an actual date etc…    



Attracting people to your stand can be challenging in a busy room. Games are a great way to stand out; people will naturally gravitate towards something unique, or something that is attracting a crowd. Why not host a paper airplane throwing competition? Or rent a buzz wire game?

Think about your freebie

Everyone likes a freebie, so they will naturally attract people to your stand. Pens and sweets are fairly cheap to produce, but will often be eaten, binned or lost fairly quickly.

If you really want to stand out, why not give out something that a jobseeker simply wouldn’t bin? Just remember to stay on brand! Travel mugs, passport covers, bags, calendars are all useful everyday items that you could brand with your logo (and a witty marketing pun!)

Another clever tactic is to ask jobseekers what freebie they would like in the run up to the event. Use a simple hashtag (and the event hashtag) in any campaign that you run to maximise coverage.


Stay energised

The expo will be a long and busy day, so ensure that exhibitors get some fresh air in quieter periods. Make sure exhibitors also stay hydrated with the bottled water we’ll provide on each stand. It’ll help keep exhibitors energised for the rest of the show. You’re welcome!  

Follow up with jobseekers

The work doesn’t stop at 4pm when the expo ends. Ensure that you follow up with everyone you’ve spoken to during the show, either with a personal email (if you have time), or as part of an automated email programme.

A simple ‘thanks for visiting our stand’ message will go a long way. It’s also the perfect opportunity to direct them towards live jobs (which they can then start applying for) or towards further information that they might need in their search.


Reward your staff

Thank your staff for their hard work with a little treat. It’s a common misconception that exhibiting at events is just a fun day out of the office; they’re actually long and demanding days, often involving travelling.

There are plenty of activities in London that you could treat your staff to. As well as saying thank you, it’s also a great motivational and team bonding experience. Here’s our top ten things to do in London, before and after the expo!


Exhibit at the Aviation Job Expo

In line with Aviation Job Search’s 20th birthday year, they are powering the Aviation Job Expo – the UK and Europe’s only job fair for the entire aviation industry! 

For more information on exhibiting, simply contact +44 1273 837861.

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