We recently caught up with the Managing Director of Avaition Job Search, Dave Capper, to see why he thinks you need to start your job search on a niche job board. Here’s what he had to say… 


First things first, what is a niche job board?

A niche job board is a job website that specialises in a specific industry. In our case, it’s aviation (hence our name!) A generic job board covers jobs across multiple industries.


Why would a recruiter choose a niche job board over a generic one?

Recruiters generally come to us for quality over quantity. Instead of casting their net far and wide, they prefer to receive less applications, but better quality ones. It just makes the whole process more efficient for them, they don’t have time to be sifting through a mountain of unsuitable applications.


Who do you currently work with?

We currently work with over 300 of the worlds biggest employers in aviation, and of course recruitment agencies. Many of them are big household names such as Etihad Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Air Hamburg, to name but a few.


So why should a pilot choose Aviation Job Search?

If you’re looking for a pilot job, our site is a very good place to start. We usually have over 900 pilot jobs on at any one time and because we focus on aviation entirely, it’s easier for candidates to find what they’re looking for.
Also, because our recruiters write very detailed job descriptions, it enables our jobseekers to be extremely thorough when applying – which then improves their chances of reaching the interview stage. We generally attract candidates with specialist skills and knowledge so it allows them to show off that knowledge.


What’s your best piece of advice for any pilots job hunting now?

I think the best piece of advice I could give is to upload your CV into our database. More than half of our recruiters regularly search our database for candidates – they can then approach you directly with job opportunities. Even if you aren’t necessarily looking for a new job, there’s no harm in exploring new opportunities should they come along!

What is the Aviation Job Expo?

The Aviation Job Expo is the UK and Europe’s only job fair for the entire aviation industry. If you’re looking to connect with airlines and MRO companies, look no further.

You’ll meet exhibitors such as BAE Systems, Bombardier, KLM Engineering and BA City Flyer – simply register for your free ticket now!

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