Recently, we caught up with Aviation Job Search‘s brand ambassador, Kirsty Ferguson, to find out why your cabin crew application may not have progressed. Here’s what she had to say…


I’ve been watching all of the comments on the various Cabin Crew Facebook and LinkedIn groups and a common theme has emerged;

‘I’ve applied for a Cabin Crew role but have not heard anything, or have not progressed to interview’.

There is nothing more disheartening when you know this career is for you, but you are not progressing in the recruitment process.

After 20 years working in aviation recruitment and interview coaching (see our cabin crew preparation programs here) I can take they mystery out of the process and tell you that if you have not progressed it is for two reasons:

– You have not met the minimum requirements for the role or
– You have not made an impression with your application


If you have not meet the minimum requirements you will be automatically sifted out of the recruitment process, so ensure you have your RSA and First Aid certificate and have checked off that you have provided all the information they requested in the job outline. (Just one little thing missing could mean your application is sidelined.)

Next, after you have checked and re-checked that, we need to look at your cover letter and resume. These documents either get you to interview stage or not. That makes them extremely important. Yet, candidates spend very little time ensuring they are doing the best job for them.


The key mistakes I see candidates make in their cover letter are:

– They don’t address the selection criteria to show that they meet all of the requirements.
– They write generic paragraphs or fluffy statements.
– They write about themselves and only what they want.
– They don’t address what motivates them to this particular airline.
– They don’t address the brand values of the airline.

So, if your cover letter is using fluffy generic language and is just about you, it is 100% letting you down.


Now you might be thinking, I am a people person not a writer!
I get that, and lets face it, the airlines want you out there in front of the passengers doing what you do best but you still have to get past this first stage… the application. So do your research, there’s lots of help out there.

Give yourself the best chance of success and ensure your documents wow the airline recruitment team, market you effectively and progress you to interview.

Here’s to your career taking off!

About the author

Author, speaker, career coach and entrepreneur, Kirsty thrives on the diversity and innovation of business in the coaching space. Founding Pinstripe Solutions in 2000 in response to the collapse of Ansett Airlines her Executive Coaching business has grown to specialize in Pilot, Cabin Crew, Aircraft Engineering, and Aviation Corporate Interview Preparation. Her team of off-site coaches works worldwide in 15+ countries via a unique online business model. Amassing an incredible social media following through relentless blogging and career hub contributions, Kirsty uses her platform to advocate for aviation as a career, to mentor and encourage self-knowledge, change and innovation. Kirsty has recently joined the Advisory Board for ‘Inflighto’ ( a groundbreaking industry app Kirsty has presented at Griffith and Sydney Universities, industry forums and drives airline careers through her Secondary School talks and Mentoring programs.

Kirsty is a monthly contributor to Australian Aviation Magazine, and Aviation Job Search. She has been interviewed for: Reuters,, Marie Claire Magazine and Coaching Life. Listen to her interviews as a guest on iTunes leading podcast ‘Go All In’ and Australian Aviation Radio. | 

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